The Tracker

Personal finance and household organizer

the tracker is an online personal organizer with a number of sections, described below.

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The Finance Tracker is a complete solution for tracking the personal expenses of a single person, or of shared purchases within a group of people (for example, two partners, or a group of students sharing a house).

The system includes the following features:

  • Produces graphs of expenditure over a specified number of days in the past, helping you stick to a set monthly/weekly budget
  • Tracks how much each user owes the others, in a case where shared purchases are involved
  • Estimates how much money will be spent over a specified number of days in the future
  • Tracks the balance of your accounts, including bank accounts and credit cards
  • Supports recurring payments and transfers for bill payments, transfers to savings, etc

The Vehicle Tracker is designed for you to keep track of how much your car costs you to run, and to track various reminders, from Insurance renewal to checking the engine oil, and also allows you to track fuel economy.

The Household Tracker at present allows you to record meter readings and therefore track the gas/electric usage over time.

It is also possible to to use a CurrentCost device to feed electricity meter readings into the tracker - please contact us if you would like assistance with this. The CurrentCost is a great way to see your energy usage in real time which in turn is a good motivator for reducing energency usage.

The Task Tracker is a simple online diary system to allow you to set reminders for specific events.

The Address Tracker is a full online address book, allowing you to record contacts with email, phone, postal address information, and also record birthdays.

The information can be exported in a number of formats, including Thunderbird (CSV), a VCF format which can be sent over Bluetooth to mobile phones, and there is a Microsoft Exchange compatible ActiveSync server, for syncing to Windows Mobile devices. Other formats include a TomTom POI format and some formats for VoIP telephones.

Currently the only supported import format is VCF - this is the format that many mobile phones can send over Bluetooth, so you can use the tracker to backup your mobile's phonebook among other things.